Speaking your truth, message, desire may polarise.

And that’s ok.
You are ok.

You speak deeply to a place of light in some and the shadow in others.

And that’s ok.
You are ok.

Your voice will be heard because it is energetically contagious.

It is magnetic.

Magnets DO polarise.

And that’s ok.
You are ok.

Don’t let them dim your light.

Don’t let them squash your passion and excitement to share the message of light and hope you have inside you.

Not listening to that voice within will do you MORE harm than those outside of you ever could…

Be still and listen.
The whisper from within grows clearer.
Act from love.


Their squewed perception of your message is THEIRS to own, not yours.

Do not let it make you question the origin of your message.

It is YOURS.

Own it.
Hear it.
Speak it.
Share it.

And always remember that you are supported.



You are loved.

You ARE love.