Why I’m celebrating my parking fine! 🙌🏽


I got a fine for parking I thought I’d paid for!

22nd December I drove into town to get a few final bits and bobs for Christmas.

I had the dog with me and he was barking at every umbrella, hood, and… well… pretty much EVERYTHING.

So, it was a wee bit stressful.

Then I then bumped into my mum and sister outside the car park and obviously had a chat…

All the while, Heinz frantically barking his attempts to join the conversation as I juggled the enormous gift hamper and shopping bags I was carrying.

This morning (28th December at time of writing) I received a letter from the parking peeps telling me I owe them money because I left without paying.

Oh joy.

2 things here…

Try as I might, on that day in town I struggled to stay in a place of ease and flow – I’m cool with that obvs. Human an’ all that.

But it was an energy of being stressed and out of alignment and so it had me a bit frazzled – this is what happens when I frazzle myself.

Duly noted – thank you for the reminder universe!

Secondly, I have decided to CELEBRATE my fine!


As I tell my clients when they’re upping their game and expanding…

This is Upper Limit shit biting you on the arse and it is actually a GOOD sign!!

It means you’re pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Physical illness, unexpected bills, arguments, injuries, burning your toast…

It all adds up to you stretching the box you’ve lived in for so long and expanding beyond what you thought possible.

Last week I upleveled in MY business in an EPIC way and now the parking fine.


The universe is having a chuckle and I can either laugh along or get real aggro and ruin my day and vibration.

I know what I’m choosing!

You know what I’m talkin’ about, right?

Things go well and exciting shit happens in your life and then you feel blindsided by something that you could perceive as negative.

I want you to know that this is a choice.

Being positive and acknowledging that it is a sign from the Universe that you’re growing is a WAY more positive vibration to proliferate.

Turn your focus to how the ‘bad’ thing could actually be a GOOD thing.

It’s simple really, it just takes discipline.

Discipline of thought.

That’s all.

A commitment to maintaining a positive and high vibration so that you nip the negativity in the bud.

You can let the negativity spiral and grow and have it start taking root and manifesting more bad shit…


You can laugh at it, dust yourself off and find the positive spin. A rampage of positive thoughts and energy that will grow and turn you into a positivity MAGNET.

Sounds WICKED, right!

You decide.