You’re going to want to talk about it a lot!

The people you currently have in your life have matched your previous vibration and thought patterns and you may find yourself sharing your thoughts and feelings with them…

It doesn’t always go so well..!

The deeper you travel into your own TRUTH, the stronger your desire becomes to share the knowledge and discoveries, but not everyone is ready to hear the truth.

Your truth.

Not everyone who is currently in your life will grow WITH you.

Some of them will fall away.

It is not your job to SCOOP them up.

To ‘convert’ them.

As in Richard Bach’s book Illusions, “Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.”

Those who are meant to be in your life as you change and grow will find inspiration in your new way of being and their eyes will sparkle as you shed a new perspective on the world.

Others may become disgruntled or uncomfortable as your new way of BEING highlights to them the parts of their lives they are not happy with.

They may not be ready to accept that things can be a different way because, well, they’ve invested a lot of time and energy into creating a life based on their current limiting beliefs and you openly, brazenly living a different truth will ruffle some feathers…


Ruffle your heart out!

But be sure you’re replacing the old with the new.

Rather than focusing on trying to scoop everyone up in your new momentum and energy…

Just BE.


Show the world that a different way is not just achievable, but is AVAILABLE to EVERYONE…


Part of this journey is about focusing on the people who DO share your new point of view.

Shining so bright and shouting your message from the rooftops so your people know where to find you!

The more people you have to support you on this journey, the easier it will be to continue on our path to fulfilment.

Go seek them and keep being the most YOU that you can be!


G x


Let me SUPPORT you,

Having a tribe with whom you can share your new awakened sense of reality is going to be so incredibly important to support you.

When you’re in a growth phase, you’re vulnerable.

You’re reaching new ways of thinking and being and it can be freakin’ uncomfortable.

A really quick and easy way to ease that discomfort is to have a kick ass community of supportive people to whom you can pour your heart out.

Message me TODAY to find out more.