What is happiness?

Peace of mind.


A knowing that everything is gonna work out just fine.

The relief of having overcome something…

THIS could be the part is holding you back from creating what you most desire in your life.

The subconscious belief that you have to OVERCOME something in order to truly APPRECIATE or EARN your happiness.

What if you could just feel happy WITHOUT the suffering beforehand?

That feeling you get in your stomach when I throw that concept out there…

THAT is what you tap on.

That feeling is the one you need to clear before you can TRULY experience happiness without a price.

You are feeling deep down that you don’t DESERVE to be happy.

If you don’t address your subconscious link between struggle and happiness, you will always be stuck in this loop.

Self sabotage.

The phoenix rising from the ashes.

Destined to remain on the ALL OR NOTHING rollercoaster of emotional turbulence.

Your longing for EASE will only be fully quenched when you release this connection.

This connection was learned long ago.

It is insidious and powerful.

I am here to tell you that you DESERVE to be HAPPY.

You DESERVE to to be unashamedly, laugh your arse off every damn day HAPPY!

Not only do you DESERVE it, it’s your PURPOSE here.

To live FULLY and be the MOST YOU that you can possibly be.

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