My goodness, where to start! I was a little sceptical to begin with, as having tried cognitive hypnotherapy for Louise, I was unsure if EFT would work. I didn’t need to worry. Georgina immediately began to work with my daughter (aged 13), who had numerous issues ranging from joint pain, muscular pain, confidence issues and others. At the first session, Georgina first addressed the neck pain that Louise was feeling. She amazed us both by after just 10 minutes, the pain had gone. I think the fact that this worked so quickly gave Louise confidence in the process, and we have made fantastic progress in just 4 sessions. I can honestly say that Louise is a different child! She has gone from someone who had lost confidence,  and wasn’t really enjoying her life, to being able to participate in activities, to taking part in a drama week and performing and having fun! She is laughing more, and has stopped shutting herself away in her bedroom, which has radically changed our family life too. She has realised what an amazing person she is, and that she is allowed to be amazing, and that with a positive outlook, good things happen! I can’t recommend Georgina enough..if you have any worries at all, give EFT a go…it works! And you can take it with you and use it always! (LORAINE, Jersey)

I knew nothing about EFT until I went on a Level 1 course for my CPD, met Georgia, was practiced on and was amazed at the physical reaction I got. I then decided to  go and see Georgia to help me manage a situation I found myself in and give me confidence to tap for myself. The sessions made me laugh and cry and throughout Georgia was insightful and intuitive and kept in touch between sessions, which was reassuring. After our third session, I got the outcome I had been working very hard to attain for months. I would highly recommend Georgia and EFT. (MK)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session with Georgina, but I went into the session with an open mind and a hope that I had found what I needed to give me the ability to deal with the confidence and anxiety issues I had been suffering from for a while now. Georgina was great and put me at ease straight away. The session was emotional but it had to be and it was quite amazing when I think back on it on how much emotional baggage I had been carrying around with me; none of it positive ! Georgina has taught me a technique which I can use wherever I am, whenever the anxieties start to re-emerge, but I don’t think they will, as I have been feeling great since my session and I am determined to keep on feeling this way. Can’t say thank you to Georgina enough . (Gary)

After years of loosing people close to me, starting with my mum at the age of 12 i have battled for 16 years to cope with what felt like a whole lot of bad luck!! A few months ago i noticed what G was doing but thought hmmmm I’m not sure, after trying all kinds of counselling and talking I was a little bit on the fence about trying anything off my own back so continued going back to the dr spending a fortune for a cocktail of prescription drugs to try to mask symptoms of IBS, depression and anxiety so i could attempt to struggle through each day with my son! I then read a testimonial for G and thought right I have to try something, something has to change so i booked my first session.  Walking in scared as hell about what was going to happen, G really helped me relax, it felt like i was just having a chat with a long lost friend!

I walked out feeling like i had lost half my body weight, after talking about some really difficult stuff, crying and laughing I left feeling completely amazed and on cloud 9!! I called everyone to tell them!! After a few more sessions the shocks just kept coming, I think i may have swore at G a few times asking her what the hell was going on, it felt so natural but completely bonkers at the same time!! Through my sessions i have managed to come to terms with life! I have let go of a lot of pain and sadness that i have been carrying around like a lead weight for years and I have stopped all the drugs!!! I feel like a completely different person, I still have difficult things going on in life but feel way more equipped to deal with them and now enjoy each day with my baby, my family and feel extremely happy to be living life instead of struggling through it!! Sara, jersey

I was lucky enough to be one of Georgina’s case studies. I felt instantly relaxed and at ease in Georgina’s company, and although I didn’t need to open up too much during the EFT session, I felt like I wanted to and I felt very comfortable opening up to Georgina. She is a natural in her field!

I felt the EFT session was very beneficial in releasing some blocked emotions I was holding on to, and I have since used the techniques that Georgina taught me. Since seeing Georgina I have been able to make some positive changes in my life, and I think that is down to the negative emotions that she was able to help me unlock and look at in a different light. I would not hesitate to have another session with Georgina if I felt I needed it. Thank you! Chantelle, age 30.

EFT is a powerful tool to release emotional burden and Georgina is a wonderful practitioner. She makes the technique seem so effortless and the session flows expertly under her guidance. She is both empathic and fun, a skill which is very useful when dealing with emotions. I had experienced weeks of headaches which have shifted completely after one session with Georgina. I would recommend a session with Georgina to anyone who has unexplained pain or anxieties which their body is trying to heal. JEAN, Jersey


“Weight-loss wise, I had already been on & off exploring the concept of clean eating and exercise but I hadn’t been able to keep it up for more than a couple of weeks at a time but since doing the tapping challenge I’ve managed to continue the clean eating, and actually really enjoy it! And I’ve been running 3 times a week! I’ve lost 3 inches from my waist!”

Katherine, Bath

10 day challenege WL & cravings

What have you done to me, I am craving savoury foods (normally always sugary cravings!) when I was serving up tea I put a smaller portion on my plate & was thinking if I wanted more I could always go back to it! I’m loving this!  Gail, Jersey

10 Day challenge & Cravings

“Yippee yippee thank you so much Georgina! Just been to the physio and they asked me how much weight I’d lost – not seen them for 2 weeks – thank you love you xx” Dilly, Jersey