The thing that you try to hide is the very thing that people will love you for the MOST!

I had been hiding in plain sight and I didn’t even realise.

I THOUGHT I was ready for my business to explode into the big time and when I got a taste of it, I realised that I didn’t believe in myself.


I am SO confident. I LOVE the improvisation of standing in front of a room of people, fielding questions about EFT, Mindset… LIFE.

I love how my intuition takes over and I just HAVE the answer without even having to think about it.

It is just there.

A knowing of what is true.

Why then, did I feel like I was NOT GOOD ENOUGH?

It wasn’t the feedback.

Everyone was blown away. They were filled with compliments and revelations from our work.

Why then, did I STILL feel this uneasiness inside like I was going to be FOUND OUT..?

Like somehow I was a FRAUD?

Because I wasn’t owning my full NOEL!

I was so busy showing up as who I thought people needed me to be that, when I got into the swing of things and showed my true intuitive, razor sharp questioning style, people were silent – not because they weren’t interested, as my brain had interpreted it, but because they were TRANSFIXED.

What a bugger our perception can be.

When I learned the truth of their reaction I felt heartened, but questioned why it was I had felt this way?

Why did I STILL not believe in myself?

Because I was afraid.

Afraid they would think I was TOO MUCH.

That I was too DEEP.

TOO challenging.

But y’know what… that’s what they fucking LOVED about me!!

When you finally play ALL OUT, you show others it is safe to do the same.

You show me your HUMANNESS and I’ll show you mine.

What is it that YOU are hiding?

What about YOU do you feel is TOO MUCH?

Life on the other side of FEAR and SELF DOUBT is a beautiful thing!

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