Feeling like I didn’t know which way to turn to make a difference and bring more light to people’s lives.

I was feeling like I wasn’t DOING enough.

Whenever I’d surrender to BE-ING rather than beating myself up for not DO-ING, I’d feel a rush of release and wellbeing flow through my body.

All the tension eased and melted away.

In those moments I would remember that everything is 100% perfectly ok and I am safe.

There is so much turbulence in the world around us right now that it can feel overwhelming and we can feel powerless.

But the one thing you ALWAYS have the power to change is your mindset.

How you FEEL.

You ALWAYS have a choice.

Sometimes you’ll dwell.

You’ll throw yourself a pity party and invite all your limiting beliefs to come and play so you don’t have to face up to the shit that’s happening.

But now is not the time to GIVE UP.

Now is the time to RISE.

To take ACTION.

Now is the time to OWN every inch of yourself and all of the power within.

You can create change just by remembering to take care of you.

Taking care of yourself and maintaining YOUR vibration is ALWAYS within your control and ALWAYS has a bigger impact on others than you realise.

In the darkest of times, you must shine even brighter.

Now is the time to crank up the volume on your message.

Grab the mic and let’s GO!

Lead fiercely.

Lead fearlessly.

Lead with love.

G x


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