Of course, fear is many things and serves many purposes, but for this particular example, it’s a manipulative subconscious tool…

When I was a kid, if I said I was worried or scared, my mum would use it to keep me trapped and close.

She would feed into it because she was so terrified of losing me (who can blame her 😜) that when she saw a chink of fear in my armour, she’d use it to her advantage.

She thrived on my fear because it kept HER safe.

This led to me feeling I can’t air my fears and so I ended up internalizing and busting through!

It all came to a head when I was a teenager.

I had to become so fucking headstrong.

I also had to be 100% sure that my decision and what I was fighting for was WORTH THE FIGHT.

Every decision took a whole lot of energy because I was not just busting through MY fears…

I was also having to consider and SMASH through HER fears.

I rucked against the emotional mind-fuckery, but I had to build a sturdy wall of protection.

This wall kept her fear from getting in…

But it also stopped anything good from getting in too.

That wall was necessary back then, but as I grew into my adult self, it became more and more oppressive.

You can only charge through regardless of fear for so long before it wears you down and you have to face that shit.

If you want to continue to grow AND be happy, it’s time to stop making everything so damn hard!

If you continue to feel that you must be 100% dead set on an idea with all the “What ifs” and “Maybes” squared away, you’re setting yourself up for a hard grind.

Procrastination and self doubt will abound!


What if you followed what makes your heart sing?

Oh, wait, what’s that you say…?

You don’t KNOW what makes your heart sing because you’ve spent your ENTIRE life exhausted from considering ALL the options so you ended up following what you thought you SHOULD do…

What people TOLD you to do.

What you THOUGHT other people wanted.

And, well, that’s left you feeling kinda lost and confused and a bit like you can’t TRUST your own judgement.

Because you’ve never truly exercised your own judgement with any fluidity in case you upset or hurt anyone.

That trust in your inner guidance must be exercised like any other muscle.

I don’t aim to turn you into a Mini Noel… That spot’s already taken!

So how about we work together to uncover YOUR unique genius.

Let’s fine tune the things that are already working and turn them up to 100!

We will uncover the things you’re already doing that are SUPPORTING you and amplify them so the people who need you most can find your beacon of light in their darkest hour.

No more waiting.

You start TODAY.


G x


You know you need support on this self discovery journey and you’re stuck because you don’t know which alley to turn down next…

Let me help you…

I’ll bring the flash light!

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G x