Learning EFT is not just about helping others.

You must first help yourself.

This is why my EFT trainings are highly experiential.

Yes, you might cry, but oh my word… You will also LAUGH… A LOT! <3

You will spend 3 days immersed in a supportive and beautiful environment with deliciously like-minded people.

I ensure that it is a 100% safe and nurturing environment – no bullshit will be tolerated.

I have the UPMOST RESPECT for anyone willing to dig into the depths of their subconscious and face their inner pain.

I do not take my role as your guide in this lightly.


I do not believe in scratching the surface.

In 3 days we cover A LOT of ground.

We clear A LOT of shit.

And I swear A LOT… In case that had escaped your attention 😀

At the end of 3 days, you are no longer the person feeling their anxiety is controlling them.

You have shed that skin.

You will fully understand the power of your mind and the role it plays in EVERY aspect of your life.

You will leave feeling lighter and excited by the sense of possibility…

No more excuses. Your time is NOW!!

Talk to me about this today…

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