I used to spend HOURS watching TV and wonder why the fuck I wasn’t attracting any new clients.


I was so unsure of HOW to move forward that I procrastinated myself into a pile of maudlin couch potato.

I spent HOURS consuming Netflix boxsets whilst slowly feeling less and less motivated.

I became utterly DISENCHANTED with the idea of running my business, but I sure as HELL knew that I couldn’t go back to being EMPLOYED.


I was utterly LOST.

You know what I mean, right.

You feel like you don’t know HOW to move forward.

What you DON’T realise is that you don’t know HOW to MOVE FORWARD because you have lost sight of that which you wish to MOVE TOWARDS.

You have lost your DIRECTION because you have become so ENGROSSED in the day to day of seeing clients and making ends meet that you forgot you had a HIGHER PURPOSE.


You DISTRACT yourself with endless hours of TV.



But this is NOT because you are LAZY!


You are a driven kick ass mo-fo!

You have just become DISILLUSIONED because the GRIND of doing it all alone has left you feeling like you CAN’T do it.

That you aimed TOO HIGH.

That you were FOOLISH to believe that people would PAY YOU for your help and guidance.

Limiting beliefs up the WAZOO.


I am here to tell you that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

You are exactly where you are meant to be right now and the ONLY thing holding you back is that you’ve not ASKED FOR HELP.

You need accountability and a supportive network of kick ass heart led entrepreneurs to surround you with love, support and shared experience.

You NEED someone to guide you home and be your guiding light back to the path of your highest purpose.

FORGIVE yourself for falling short of your EPICALLY high standards and take a step FORWARD TODAY.