Clarity does not always happen in the blink of an eye.

It can, of course.

It can feel like your eyes have suddenly been opened.

Like someone has cleaned the glass through which you view the world and now you see EXACTLY what has been staring you in the face.

But sometimes it is a creeping, sneaky little fella.

Sometimes CLARITY is more in the doing what you love effortlessly.

Sometimes clarity feels more like a soothing cup of tea and a cosy jumper on the porch in Autumn.

Sometimes clarity is the deep feeling of KNOWING that gently warms you from the inside.

If you are waiting for clarity to hit you in the face, you may find yourself waiting for a hell of a long time!

In fact, often, the things you do with ease ARE the things you should be doing.

Not to be mistaken for the things that make you feel lazy or zoned out… Nobody’s soul purpose consists of 8 hour Netflix binges (although I’d be first in the queue if that job was getting handed out!)

It’s not the LACK of doing things.

The zombified feeling of having been totally fucking smashed the night before.

It’s the feeling of effortless ease when you’re giving advice to a colleague.

Laughing long into the night with a friend from years ago.

Tending your plants in the garden.

These things you could do every day that make you forget TIME.

Maybe this is what clarity feels like sometimes.

Maybe you already have it and you’re just fighting it for fear of what will happen if you SURRENDER.

Maybe you’re so afraid to just BE that you’re struggling to FIND CLARITY and you are in fact chasing it further away…

Maybe….. Maybe it’s time to stop.



And remind yourself that you already are exactly where you are meant to be right now in this moment.

That you have the power to change ANY situation you find yourself in just by looking inward and asking…

“What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?”

Because really…. That’s the only clarity you ever need.

Trust your inner compass to guide you.

Trust how you FEEL.


G x