What does it mean to have an ABUNDANCE MINDSET.

For me, it means KNOWING on a DEEP level that there is enough of EVERYTHING to go around.




It is a sense of EASE.

Every time you hold somebody else back because of YOUR FEAR programming, you are confirming to yourself and the Universe that you are NOT READY.

Every time you try to RESTRICT someone else’s ability to SHINE their DELICIOUS LIGHT, you are telling yourself and the Universe that being a BRIGHT LIGHT is NOT SAFE and so…

You got it… You end up staying small… Crumpled up in your little ball of resentment and negativity.

When you KNOW there is ENOUGH for YOU and EVERYBODY, you no longer have to WORRY.

You KNOW that no matter how much somebody else is RECEIVING, there is still PLENTY for you.

Seeing others getting EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT is no longer a cause for jealousy or “I’m not good enough”.

It becomes a reminder that EVERYTHING you want to HAVE or BE is 100% available to you when you get your ENERGY and MINDSET in alignment with the readiness to TRULY RECEIVE.

It’s all waiting for you.

Are you READY?