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I am Certified Advanced EFT and NLP Practitioner based in Jersey C.I.

I’ve had one Heck of a journey and these techniques have been the most amazing things I have found to help me live my life my way without being owned by my limiting beliefs

“What on Earth are Limiting Beliefs?” I hear you cry! Well, a limiting belief is something we form when we suffer trauma.  Whether the trauma is large, like the loss of a loved one, abuse, an accident OR even something seemingly small like…
The time a kid in the playground stole your Mars bar and 5 year old you formed a belief that when you have something you love or are excited about, you lose it.  To an adult you, it may not seem like a big deal that this kid stole your Mars bar – I mean, why on Earth would this tiny event affect you today?  Well, imagine being that 5 year old…  Go on, humour me… Imagine being that 5 year old you…  You there?  Cool.  Now imagine opening your lunchbox and seeing a full sized Mars bar in there.  Woah!  You usually only get an apple or, if your lucky, a snack sized Mars, but today you’ve hit the lunchbox jackpot!

You take the bar out of your lunchbox and hold it in your hands.

You are so excited to eat this huge chocolate bar.

You open the wrapper and as you raise it up to your mouth, you can smell the sugary yumness (anyone else salivating a little?!) Just as you’re about to take your first bite…The school ‘cool’ kid runs past and grabs it, “Ha ha!  You can’t have it!” they taunt, “Give it back!” little you shouts out to them, but as you get up to run after them, you fall over and the whole playground laughs at you.

Eurgh, I hate bullies!

So now you see how something so small can feel like something so enormous to your younger self.  In our sessions together, we will work with what you feel right now and slowly and gently untangle the knots to find the place it started.  If you want to know how the tapping helps, click here.

I have tried so many self-help books and seen so many practitioners for all sorts of things from bereavement to the physical healing of a stab wound and a combination of EFT & NLP is what has given me lasting results.  I’ve done all that hard work so that you don’t have to!  You can just click to book your free 30 minute consultation or go right ahead and book your first session

I can’t wait to start this awesome journey with you!

Georgina x


My Current Qualifications

• EFT Trainer and Level 3 Advanced Practitioner and member of the EFTMRA

• NLP Practitioner (Certified through Pegasus NLP)

• Level 3 – CPCAB Counselling Studies

• Fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services

My Story

I had yo-yoed in and out of varying degrees of depression for as long as I could remember.  Not even for any real reason, it just seemed to creep up on me like a silent shadow until, before I knew it, I was completely engulfed in the weight of its darkness.  “You’ve got so much to be thankful for,” people would tell me and I knew they were right, but that just made it worse.  Who was I to be wallowing in my own self-pity when there were children starving in the world?  What people didn’t seem to understand is that I didn’t want to feel this way, it was not a choice I had made.  Depression, it seemed, just happened to me; even when I was feeling pretty good about life, I could feel the threat of it looming, and the fear of it alone was often oppressive enough to send me tumbling back into a pit of despair.  This continued into my mid twenties until a very close friend of mine took his own life and I felt like my world had finally collapsed.  Everything I’d held onto in the past was so far out of my reach as I slipped into a deep depression.  It felt as though I would never be happy again, like my light had gone out and I couldn’t even imagine a time when I might feel normal again.  I felt so disconnected and I couldn’t engage with even the closest of my friends.  This, it felt, was sure to be the thing that finally sent me spiralling so out of my depth into the blackness that I would not return.  I no longer recognised myself.  I felt like I was losing my mind.

I discovered EFT & NLP through a practitioner from whom I was initially receiving chiropractic treatment.  She told me about some techniques that might be able to help me deal with my grief and depression and I was so desperate that I was willing to try anything. I showed up for my session and had no idea what to expect.

When asked to talk about what had happened, what I felt, I remember saying that I was so fed up of hearing myself talk about how miserable I was. I could no longer even muster the energy to put on a mask for the world – I just couldn’t hide it anymore.  The practitioner took me through tapping rounds with the statements I’d used, “You said you feel like there will never be any light in your life again.  How real does that feel to you on a scale of 1 – 10?”  My ego said, “What on Earth is this woman talking about?  How real does this feel?  What kind of question is that?”  My mouth said, “10”. So we tapped on this statement, through the tears and out the other side. At the end of the session, I felt physically lighter.  Even writing this, I can remember that feeling of something huge shifting.  I remember getting to my car and sitting there feeling amazed and confused.  What just happened?  What kind of crazy voodoo is this tapping stuff?  I didn’t believe that the results would last.  I mean, how can you spend an hour tapping your face and just feel better forever?  No way.  I vividly remember sitting there actively TRYING to make myself feel bad!  I know it sounds crazy, but I just couldn’t believe that in 1 hour, this tapping stuff had managed to shift such an enormous weight.  Well, I can tell you now people, it did!  Try as I might, every time I thought about my friend killing himself, it was like my brain was a trampoline and, as the thought entered my mind, it just bounced out… Seriously…  Just bounced right out with no physical or emotional reaction whatsoever!  This was the day I vowed never to use EFT as a last resort again…  It was then and is still now, my first port of call when I feel any way I don’t want to feel.  I no longer live in fear of that shadow.  I am free.

The more I learn about it, the more I love it.  This stuff can change your life.  Fact.